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Welcome to Sea Note Charters! Outer Banks Fishing is where you will achieve your fishing adventure of a life time! Sea Note Charters is located at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center in North Carolina in the well-known Outer Banks fishing region along the Atlantic Ocean.

Sea Note Charters welcomes anglers and sportsmen of all kind regardless of your experience or knowledge to come and fish with us here and around the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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Some of you may be wondering where is the outer banks at? The outer banks of North Carolina are a group of islands located off the coast of NC. The Outer Banks is one of the Best Fishing Vacation destinations.Every year many flock to not of the best fishing one could ask for around the world but the Beach Houses in the Outer Banks with their friends and families!

Sea Note Outer Banks Fishing Charters offers Deep Sea Fishing Charters in the awesome blue waters off North Carolina draws a wide range of anglers to the region. You could be a saltwater angler that was born with fishing in the blood or a total newcomer looking to experience the sport of NC Deep Sea Fishing Outer Banks Fishing Charters for the first time.

Either way nothing makes any fishing enthusiast happier than to feel the rod double over, the sweat poor and hear the reel scream as line is peeled off by that big game fish that you came and sought after!

The Outer Banks of North Carolina offers Outer Banks Fishing Charters of all kinds inshore offshore for the beginners or the experienced! Click here to learn about what types of fishing trips Sea Note Outer Banks Fishing Charters offers!

Contact us today for more information or to book your next OBX Fishing Trip of a life time! For more information about Fishing and Outer Banks Attractions

Check out Sea Note Charters in action and check out our Oregon Inlet Fishing videos section. To get your blood pumping even further Book a Trip today to experience the action first hand!

See you on the waters out and around the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center!

Sea Note Outer Banks Fishing Charters

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More Oregon Inlet Fishing Videos 

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John Prieckos and crew from DC came down to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center and are happy to display their first catch of yellowfin tuna. We had to run 30 miles up the road to find the tuna; however, it was worth it with plenty of action that included a wham of all rods getting hit at once. Then some double strikes with plenty of missed strikes but that's fishing. Its good to see these tuna show up just in time for the fall and winter season; don't forget Sea Note fishes year'round; give me a call 252 489 0119. ...

Happy Holidays to everyone Thanksgiving has pasted and the yellowfin fishing is very good when we can there.. I know its hard to plan a trip with the holidays coming I'll keep posting to stay in touch.
The fishing center is putting together makeups at 252 441 6301.

Charlie Hunter and crew did ok during their annual surf and offshore fishing trip. ...

Dare Johnson from Portsmouth Va fished last weekend and had a good day. ...

You ain't sh####ng I'm writing something; if the Ole' Lady was still alive I would have engines in my boat NOW. I don't have the gift of gab that she had; however, enough, is enough. These are Caterpillar C8.7 engines that the purse stringers (see I didn't them call assholes) thought they could out source to Fiat to save on wages and materials. THEY ARE JUNKKK.
The risers fail after 250 Hours. The Main engines serial numbers
are CS 700 271 And 328. WAIT IT GETS BETTER The port engine
#328 lasted a grand total of 254 hours; one F####ing oil change. Can You hear me Pat Healy, Paul Spencer and whoever the corporation that owns Luhrs; the exciting concept of the procedure was I started this initiative in August of this year 2016 while fishing the WMO in Ocean City MD. The new engine had 112 hours went it began to fail. So why are they telling me it is my fault? I changed oil at the correct interval 250 hours. Both engines are junk. I have had failures in the past that; however, this takes the cake. I will cut and paste this document to all concerned parties.

Deep Sea Fishing

Welcome anglers and sportsmen to Outer Banks fishing, where the fishing adventure of a lifetime begins. We are located in North Carolina in the well

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Sport Fishing Charters

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Outer Banks deep sea fishing in the awesome blue waters off North Carolina draws a wide range of anglers to the region. You could be a saltwater

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Outer Banks Fishing Reports

Outer Banks deep sea fishing in the awesome blue waters off North Carolina draws a wide range of anglers to the region. You could be a saltwater.

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Oregon Inlet Fishing Charters

814Virgina Beach Billfish Tournament 2014







North Carolina’s Oregon Inlet sport fishing makes for one exciting fishing adventure! This is true for all types of Outer Banks Fishing trips that includes fishing for wahoo, dolphin, tuna, and all the popular billfish that call the waters off North Carolina’s Outer Banks home. To catch these magnificent creatures you need a Captain and crew that are experienced and work well together. That’s why you want Captain Benjie and crew at the helm of your Oregon Inlet sport fishing adventure, because their fishing experience and team philosophy will ensure your sport fishing adventure is as successful and memorable as it is exciting.
Our Outer Banks Fishing Charters boat, the Sea Note is skippered by a very knowledgeable and experienced sport fishing Captain in Captain Benjie Stansky. His extensive knowledge of both inshore and offshore Outer Banks Deep Sea Fishing in North Carolina is unsurpassed and was accumulated over many years of fishing.


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