The Boat

The Sea Note Charters Fishing BoatNorth Carolina Fishing Boat

The North Carolina Fishing Boat the Sea Note is a well built 55? built by Captain BenjieStansky and designed by Glenn Haught from Sportsman’s Boatworks. She offers plenty of fishing room and can easily handle a full crew compliment of 6 anglers and crew.

At 55? in length the North Carolina fishing boat, The Sea Note offers a comfortable ride on the water, even in choppy seas and has enough engine, 2 of them to get to the North Carolina fishing grounds in quick fashion. She cruises at thirty knots providing a very fast ride to and from the fishing grounds which means more time fishing and less time traveling.

The Sea Note is a charter boat that can go just about anywhere needed to catch fish. She is equipped with all the most up-to-date and modern electronic fishing and safety gear. She is US Coast Guard certified and meets all United States Coast Guard minimum safe requirements.

Sea Note was repowered with brand new Catapillar Engines Tier 3 Technology
new 650 hp super- charged turbo charged Cat-Iveco engines. With this type of technology and power rest assured you will arrive safe, fast and comfortable to the fishing grounds!

The Sea Note Charters Fishing Boat 2The Sea Note Sport Fishing Boat

The Sea Note is 55 feet long and was built in 1996 by Capt. Benjie Stansky, designed by Glenn Haught from Sportsman Boatworks. These boats (Sportsman)~ are well know for being the classic Carolina custom boat. The craftsmanship and seaworthiness are legendary.

seanoteSea Note combines the traditional with the modern by using a cold molded hull strengthen with the latest Kelvar fiberglass technology. The recent re-power with Cat C 12 engines and Twin Discs transmissions have provided additional comfort, less engine noise, and Caterpillar’s latest engine management soft ware (ADAM 3) excels with smooth, quiet, acceleration and considerably less smoke. This translates to a 30 knot cruise with a top speed of35 to 36 knots, if there’s a hot bite going on, I can get you there.

The salon is heated and air conditioned with comfortable appointments. An island bar hosts a refrigerator and microwave for any food preparation you might need throughout the day. The entertainment center includes a TV -VCR, stereo and CD player. The head has been remodeled with accommodations for the ladies.

salonTopsides the fly bridge boosts a splendid view both visually and electronically. Furuno’s latest electronics package, NAV -NET, combines radar, GPS, and depth sounder all on one screen. This feature adds to the fish finding abilities since the 6KW radar keeps up with birds above the water, while the sounder locates the bait and fish below.

The spacious cockpit is setup for serious fishing, featuring a Murray Bros. tuna chair and two sailfish chairs. All tackle is custom built and matched to each targeted species from 20# TLD’s for white marlin and sailfish to unlimited class 130 two-speed for giant tuna . We also have a full set of stand-up tackle for fall tuna-chunking.



Items you should bring on your North Carolina fishing trip.

coolerBring a cooler for food and drinks. Ask your North Carolina charter boat Captain how large of a cooler you will need to carry your fish home in. Ask what you can keep and even where you can have your fish cleaned. sports bagA sports bag is a good idea to bring for carrying your rain gear, hat, glasses etc and other personal items that you need on a saltwater charter fishing trip.
3-1 4-2Bring all your food and drinks. If you want to bring beer you should clear it with the North Carolina charter boat Captain first. Alcoholic beverages are ALLOWED. 8If you will be fishing in foul or rainy weather then you may want to bring some gear to keep you dry. Not as important on boats with parlors, cabins, and covers.
5Bring sun glasses. Preferably polarized fishing glasses to lessen the sun’s glare that reflects up off the water. North Carolina fishing means you must take measures to combat the suns rays. 9Bring a camera to take snapshots of those big fish you catch or bring a video camera and catch all the action that a North Carolina fishing trip offers.A hat or ball cap is a good idea, especially for you guys that are getting a bit thin on top. Protect your head from the North Carolina sun’s burning rays.
6A hat or ball cap is a good idea, especially for you guys that are getting a bit thin on top. Protect your head from the North Carolina sun’s burning rays. 10If you get sea sick or aren’t sure if you get sea sick then it is a very wise idea to take your Dramamine before you leave the dock. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip worse than a guy named “RALPH”.
7The North Carolina fishing region can get very hot during the summer. Make sure you bring sunvareen, especially if you easily burn. If you are burnt up you can’t enjoy your North Carolina charter fishing trip. 11You probably already paid for the trip but you should make sure you have some cash in pocket so you can tip the First Mate. Being Mate on a charter boat is not easy work and these guys deserve every dime they get.Tip them well!