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Ole GC Connelly and his nephew Creed from the beautiful state of West Virginia came down to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center on Wednesday May 31. Offshore fishing was slow in the morning; however, we picked aways at some nice sized dolphin in 73 degree  water that was not supposed to hold dolphin. This cool water eddy gave us action whilst all the big shots were offshore in the wild blue gulfstream catchin’ nothing . My two head crew of novice anglers; who had never caught anything bigger than a catfish expertly tackled each gaffer dolphin on light tackle mind you. With the box half full I told them it was time to try for some bigger deep sea fish, like tuna. They rested for about an hour, then the white water started flyin'; big tuna crashing into the flat lines and teasers, which caused a Day Maker alarm to go off. All the boys did was to land two 50 pound Yellowfin tuna back to back by Creed on 50 pound tackle; whilst the big man in the chair commanded and finessed a 159 pound Bigeye tuna thru the door. Let’s go home boys the box is full.


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