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Sea Note fished Sunday for Bluefin Tuna. We trolled baits for most of the day and had some jig n pop tackle ready in case the fish were on top. I saw some marks in the afternoon that could have yielded a few jig bites; however, the tackle was on the light side and the fish would have broken the  treble hooks on the stick baits. Remember if your coming down bring heavier tackle for your Jigs and Stick baits. It kooks like a good season coming up and I’m hoping  the weather gives us a break. Sea Note has openings in February and in March from the first of the month to the 4th of March.. After the 16th of March most of the month  is open these are all prime dates for bluefin tuna, with some yellowfin tuna mixed in too. We did land one yellowfin tuna on Sunday. The Oregon Inlet Fishing Center is doing some remolding work and it is remaining open through the construction period give them a call at 252 441 6301. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Benjie 252 489 0119.


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