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Mogi San and his crew of elite Japanese anglers got into town on March 5 for 2weeks of jig-n-pop fishing for Bluefin Tuna on spinning tackle. They fished 4 days of the 2 week period due to strong March winds. The Giant Bluefin Tuna were on the Large size and put a tremendous stress on the Shimano Stella reels and graphite rods.  There were lots of broken lines and  lost plugs usually at the strike by these tuna in the 400 to 800 pound range, which is pushing the limit of this type of tackle. The largest of the week was landed on Sea Breeze and it weighted in at 578 pounds caught on an open face jigging rod and reel. Sea Note fought a fish yesterday for 6 hours on a spinning rod after it hit a stick bait on top, what a strike as two separate fish went on the plug. First a smaller fish missed it then a larger tuna engulfed the plug in an incredible airborne  strike and splash.. Game on– 6 hours of epic battle in which the fish came to the top on 3 occasions, tail and fins out and black backin’ bad to the bone. The spectra line broke at the reel; this rhino tuna was loaded with piss-n-vinegar and was not bothered at all by the 6 hour fight by a single angler using no harness and stand up the entire fight..Exception display of anglering skills and strength. I estimate this fish 600 plus.


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