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Swordfish Charters NC

Swordfish Charters NC

Sunday June 3 will be a event in my fishing career that I will remember for a long time, since it was the day that the crew of the Sea Note landed a Swordfish during the daytime while trolling. This is a rare event that has only happen three times in the history of the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.

The fish was on top sunning itself and a cautious approach and bait presentation was the only way I could think to get the fish to bite. A slow half circle caused my left long rigger to sink about two feet as the fish went down and then it hit.

After as fast hard run similar to a Bigeye tuna the line slowed and it came up jumping completely clearing the water while swinging its sword several times. It was an exciting catch and an excellent job of anglering by Brandon Williams of Edenton NC, together with mate William Combs this catch of a lifetime was accomplished.

Look for the video coming soon on this site and the Gray Taxidemery website.


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